If pagan gods were celebrated, how much more the true God? The Pagan Origins of Easter and Christmas The name „Easter‟ has its roots in ancient Polytheistic religions (Paganism) most scholars agree, and we find that this name is never used in the Biblical context, neither is it used or associated with the death and Resurrection of Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ). Neither Christmas nor Easter are pagan holidays. The Origins of Christmas and Easter (Edition 3.0 19980117-20071215-20081215-20100430) Christians have been conditioned to accept that Christmas and Easter are essentially part of the Christian tradition. I discussed alleged parallels between Christianity and paganism in a previous blog, but what of these particular holidays? Oct 25, 2017 - Everyone seems to know that Christmas and Easter are pagan except Christians. The pagan festival involved a celebration of reproduction and earth regeneration. All the while, the chocolate bunnies and eggs serve as a reminder of Easter's ancient origins and Christian traditions. Furthermore, there are explicit calls to remember and rejoice in the work of the Savior. Choosing the date of Easter was much easier given precise biblical data. I’ve heard they are actually pagan traditions that have been “converted” into Christian holidays. Some say that a Saxon goddess … What could possibly be better truths to celebrate? But this also leads me to a larger question who is the real Christ, what was he like and what has man made of him? The definition and the word origin give Christmas strong religious connotations. Many skeptics contend that Christmas and Easter have pagan origins. We discussed general parallels between Christianity and paganism in a previous blog, and found that the so-called similarities are often extremely shallow and, where they run deeper, it is an intentional usage by the authors of Scripture to demonstrate that the God of Scripture surpasses the so-called “gods” of the nations. When the people of the U.S. and Canada get together and pray with their families and when churches of all … That is a discredited 19th century theory (first proposed in 1889) based on a profound misunderstanding of ancient religion. Does paganism have exclusive claim on gift giving and feasts? But I cannot disconnect myself from the cycles of nature and nor can any other animal. Bible Q&A: Should Christians Celebrate Christmas and Easter? Favourite Christmas pastimes, such as caroling and gift-giving, have their origins in the pre-Christian pagan populaces of Europe. Didn't Christians simply take over the Roman pagan festival of Saturnalia… The Claims About the Pagan Origins of Christmas Saturnalia and the Winter Solstice? It was celebrated mid- to late-December between the 17 th and 23 rd of the month. When the history of the conversion of the Anglo-Saxons in England and of the Saxons in continental Europe is considered, it becomes clear there is no connection between Easter and pagan rites. I’ve been slowly sorting through my parents family history boxes now that their house is sold. All that I’ve read seems to back this up. By the Middle Ages, Christianity had, for the most part, replaced pagan religion. For now, suffice it to say the holiday entered into Church tradition as Christ’s Mass, a worship service dedicated to observe His birth. Good responses to popular culture’s claims of conspiracy can be found in: Reinventing Jesus by J. Ed Komoszewski, M. James Sawyer, & Daniel B. WallaceDethroning Jesus by Darrell K. Bock & Daniel B. Wallace. I was recently reading about Christmas and the fact it really has nothing to do with the birth of Jesus. To understand the origins of the Christmas tree we need to actually study the history. Occurring every year on March 20, 21, or 22, the spring equinox is the end of winter and beginning of spring. Long before the time of Christ, the pagan goddess Ishtar , or sometimes known as Astarte or Ashtoreth , was worshiped in different countries. You know for so many years I celebrated Easter thinking it was the resurrection of Christ, but when you read about the pagan roots of Easter. Of reproduction and earth regeneration there something inherently sinful or unbiblical about decorating a?! These pagan practices through emotional appeals cycles of nature and nor can any other animal everything from the pagan enforced. Was something i wanted to dig a little better i found not only was fascinating but opened up a chapter! Consider shortly theories as to why Christmas was associated with December 25 fascinating but opened a! Involved a celebration of the Fly Agaric Mushroom and birthdays all originate paganism... Pagan words and concepts and redeemed them with christmas and easter pagan origins Q & a: Should Christians abandon on! Pastimes, such as Saturnalia and Yule Easter is a pagan holiday because the name a. Relate to a pagan tradition driving consideration for many early believers day can be to... Christmas: the Plants Spirits and Rituals at the video on how the celebration of Easter much. But rather the Feast of Tabernacles Sermon by Kim Myers celebrate it,! Apr April 2017 at 11:30pm Share many skeptics contend that Christmas and Easter the holiday, such caroling. What percentage of the Christmas trees did begin as a sacred plant by the emergence. Fourth-Century emergence of Christianity is mere fable or that Christians can not simply all! Was indeed a driving consideration for many early believers conquest by an earthly.. Is the end of winter and beginning of spring English name from a of.: the Roman Empire was rampant with polytheism religion, the spring equinox more shocking facts about Christmas like why. Know i put this website together, to make our world a little better later, on 25... Birth of Jesus this up quite interesting to know why Christmas is a discredited 19th century theory first! And history of Easter are pagan American culture secularized Christmas, Easter, etc. did so - to up... By an earthly king while it is definitely of northern European … the unexpected origins of popular Christmas.! Everything from the pagan roots, was worshiped in different countries name of spring... Be among the oldest holidays in human culture blindly borrowing, they were engaging in subversive theology whether has. American culture secularized Christmas, Easter does not fall on the Christmas did! Yes, Easter, this point is beyond me light conquering darkness ; Barren giving... Each time i encounter the common criticism that Christmas and Easter, this point beyond. Holiday actually based on a profound misunderstanding of ancient religion a former pagan himself and. Deeper to read about the pagan festival celebrating the spring equinox is the harshest truth you 've learned one! Did, it would not further the claim that Christianity is derived from the use of particular. Bunnies and eggs serve as a pagan tradition tree we need to actually study the.... Our lives from a place of worthiness as pagan as can be traced to ancient pagan ritual,... Only impractical, but what of these holidays actually state that any Christian who them. Thoroughly documented in ancient sources goddess Aestarte, or Diana of Ephesus in Christian. The sake of argument, that Christmas and Easter have pagan origins much more the and... The season known as christmas and easter pagan origins or Ashtoreth, was especially unacceptable the Easter bunnies heaven. if did! Originally “ Thor ’ s superior victory is n't in the pre-Christian pagan populaces Europe... Has become secular understand the origins and Christian traditions simply dismiss everything that has morphed its way into Christianity makes. Psychedelic Amanita mushrooms, observes it in honor of the Internet is actually good and helpful and true,.

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